Hire Newark

Hire Newark, also known as Newark 2020, begins with a business community, City and anchor hiring strategy in which each institution will commit to identifying a set number of specific job slots over the course of the next four years that will need to be filled each year toward the 2,020 job goal. The participants will commit to working with partners to develop/strengthen/support and build a system that includes training and hiring pathways to those jobs for Newark residents. Presently only 18% of the jobs in Newark are held by city residents, a proportion substantially lower than most major cities.

Visit Newark2020.com to get involved

The creation of Hire Newark is well underway: Human resource departments of anchors, other major employers and the City of Newark have begun to identify the job slots that will be open in the next four years and the skills needed to fill them. A website is being developed that will match the skills and education of job seekers with employment opportunities and training for the needed skills, and the City has created major employment tax abatements for businesses hiring more than 50% of their employees from among Newark residents.


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