Difference between a broker-dealer and an investment advisor

For people who are seeing the broker-dealer and the investment advisor from the outside will be the same but there is a lot of difference between broker dealer and investment advisor financially, the role of both will have differences.

The investment advisor will also be said as a financial advisor.

Getting help from either one of them while introducing a new one into the stock market is very important because these two will have a lot of experience and also they will know whether having them inside will be good or not.

Below are some of the differences between two to know about them you can continue reading.

financial advisor


You find a broker in almost all the fields likewise when you take the stock market having a broker for it will be very much supportive for you.

The investor will not have the ability to directly deal with the market in that case this broker will be very much helpful for the investor to convey things.

When you hire a broker-dealer for your market you have to select a licensed and experienced broker so that it will be beneficial to us.

Investment advisor

The investment advisor will advise the investors which they need. This investment advisor will give you your needs only if you pay them an amount.

Generally, the brokers will only help you in transferring things but this investment advisor will also help you in tax, and even in wealth management.

They are also said to be an investment manager or asset manager. These are the simple difference between broker dealer Vs investment advisor.

Bottom line

From this article, you would have come to know about the minute difference between RIA Vs broker-dealer they will make you learn about everything in the stock market.

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